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I remember when I bought my first car. It was a Toyota Grande. The engine ran well, but the body was rusty and needed some work done on it. I used it for many years and it faithfully served me well. The only major job needing done on it, apart from the rust, was a head gasket. It mightn’t seem much, but this cars engine had so many pipes and valves it was a nightmare. We took it into a garage and he said the same – a nightmare. On top of this there was no manuals in the country. What were we to do? I happened to have a friend who was a crackerjack motorbike mechanic. He offered to help me out. We took photographs of the engine before we started, just to make sure we knew how everything should look, after we had finished.

It took us two weeks, working here and there to complete the task, with only two bolts left over. We hoped they weren’t too important. Anyway the time came for us to test out how well we had done. Would the car start. We turned the ignition and it whirled into life. Success!! And the car ran well for a few more years before we had to buy another replacement. So if you are selling cars, or just promoting some car, why not try our fancy car templates. They are reliable for years to come.

These car website templates are fully changeable and can be optimized for your search engine and targeted traffic work. Just use the suggestions on our website.

These car website templates are extremely stylish and come with a variety of themes. You can see our selection above. Remember that only the first three are displayed. You can scroll through them by clicking on the next page icon above or selecting a particular page number above.

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