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  1. Expired Domains Traffic - FAQ
  2. Targeted Traffic Contextual - FAQ
  3. Guaranteed Signups - FAQ

  1. Expired Domains - FAQ
  • How does this all work? How do you send traffic to my website?

Redirected Visitors (Not popups or pop-unders)! Everyday we purchase abandoned domain names that have traffic on them. We also have partnerships with other webmasters / networks owning expired domains with traffic. We buy expired domains to either resell them or to redirect the traffic to your website. These domain names had a previous website on them that fits into one of our targeted categories. We then just redirect that traffic coming from these websites to your website. When you make a purchase, one of our IT specialists will visit your website and, whether you specified a target or not, we will target it further so that we send you the very best visitors. It is in our best interest to do so. If you generate sales or contacts chances are you'll be back for another purchase. These abandoned domains have traffic on them, and the previous owners either listed them on search engines, on lists and marketed them so you now reap their hard work by having us direct this traffic to your website. This type of redirection is better than a popups (web surfers don't like popups, it interrupts their online browsing) or popunders.

  • Why are your prices MUCH LESS than most other traffic brokers? Is the quality not as good?

Volume! Not only are our prices less, but our quality superior as well. We deal with so much traffic, we are able to keep our prices very low and save you money. We receive many customer inquiries before purchases are made voicing their concern as to why our prices are so low! There are many other resellers out there with prices sometimes 10X our amount and guess what, the resellers buy from us! That is how low our prices are. We dare anyone to test our service, price and traffic quality!

  • How soon before my campaign starts?

Usually within 24 hours! We want to set you up promptly so that you may enjoy the many benefits of our great traffic packages and hopefully start generating sales and/or bookmarks on your website.

  • Do you allow pop ups on my website?

We are sorry, our tracking software will only work properly if your website does not use any other pop-ups or pop-unders, background voice or music.

  • What is a pop up?

If a visitor to your websites 'landing page' experiences another website 'popping' up, that is considered that your website has 1 popup. Many people have popups or popunders (same thing as a popup, but the other website is loaded under your current browser website) with links to affiliate websites, exit exchanges, referral business or simply another of their websites. Some of our traffic campaigns do not allow for popups, so please be sure to purchase traffic that does allow 1 popup if your website has a popup. Note: Your website is not shown as a popup but is redirected to a full page view of your website, the highest quality service.

  • Is my traffic targeted?

Yes! With every campaign your website is visited by an expert technician. Your website is evaluated and targeted for the best possible traffic. It is in our best interest to do so as a happy customer is a repeat customer. You will notice that we have our main categories listed such as Normal Traffic, Special Traffic etc.. however under each category we are able to target Advertising, Business, Entertainment, Casino, Computers, Games, Match Making/Dating, Health, Recreation, Hobbies, Travel, Sports, Gambling, Shopping, Beauty, Finance, Free Stuff, Diet, Debt Consolidation, Credit Cards, Family and Webmasters and lots more.

  • Where does your traffic come from?

We are very proud of the traffic we offer. We do not have "secret sources" or "secret methods" for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work. Period. You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing it. Our traffic comes from expired domain names. When someone creates a website, they generally register a domain name to go along with it. The owner must pay a nominal fee every year to keep their domain name (about $9-$30, depending on where they bought the name). If the owner does not pay the annual fee, the domain registrar will put the name on hold. With most registrars, an "on hold" domain stops working. Most registrars allow an additional grace period of 30-90 days for the domain owner to pay the annual fee. During this period, the registrar will generally contact the domain owner many times with attempts to get them to pay the fee and reactivate the domain name. If the domain owner fails to pay on time, and fails to respond during the 30-90 day hold period, the registrar will drop the domain name. At this point, anyone can register the name. We assume that the previous owner no longer wants a dropped name and we will register the name if we feel that it will generate traffic. After we own the name, we direct it to our server and send out the traffic to the campaigns we serve. This traffic is the very best clean traffic.

As well just as important as traffic quality is targeting. There are basically two things you need to consider when you think about traffic targeting. One is where the traffic comes from and the other is how the visitors are "chosen" to see your site. You may not know this, but many companies will try to fool you into thinking visitors are coming to your site by putting your site in a mini frame with a hundred others, using a script to generate hit after hit, etc. Try asking the competition where the visitors come from, we bet they won't tell you. If you purchase targeted visitors, they could come from Altavista, Lycos Network, Mamma.com, Netflip, and many other independent sites.

Well how on earth are we getting TARGETED visitors to you? The idea is simple. Sites like AltaVista have extremely targeted categories that get a lot of visitors. For example, someone may go to AltaVista and look for forums, articles, or information about running a home based business. BINGO! Altavista's computers immediately look through their database of running campaigns and look for the campaigns targeted to business. They choose which of those sites need the visitor the most and they are immediately swept away to see your site. Pretty neat eh? Well it is neat if you know what kind of traffic you're buying. What was just described is the traffic we sell. We have investigated and sampled virtually EVERY other traffic sources' services (of course we want to check out our competition) and have found NOBODY is selling traffic of this quality. Most of the targeted visitors are not even targeted. Ask them how they target their visitors, they probably won't even respond to your email.

  • Do you offer stats so that I can keep track of how many visits I am getting?

Yes! - all campaigns come with FREE LIVE STATS so you can keep track of our progress during your campaign! Before your campaign starts, you will receive an email with a username to login. Please save this email for reference and future use or print it out. Some campaigns will allow you to split and pause your campaign and some won't depending on the availability and source of traffic.

  • Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?

Your site must be legal in the United States. We can only send traffic to websites with content that is appropriate for a general audience. Please, no sites with illegal content, hate text or sites that promote illegal activities. We do NOT send traffic to website's with Adult content!

  • Why is our Traffic Delivery Service better than other services?

Most other traffic services send very poor traffic. In fact, if you use their services, most users will NEVER SEE YOUR SITE! This is because most services use tricks to load your page without ever being seen - indeed, they send the same visitor to tens or even hundreds of sites! The worst part is that they never even tell you... your counter moves, but you make no sales! Remember to ALWAYS ask what type of traffic when getting price quotes with other traffic sellers. Always ask if it is 'IP Unique', how many hours old (example: 24 hour or 12 hour) and generally, what percentage of the campaign is unique (example: 60%-80% or 100% FULL CAMPAIGN unique like ours!).

  1. Targeted Traffic - FAQ
  1. Guaranteed Signups - FAQ
  • What kind of business can be advertised for signups?

You may advertise any business which is free to join.

  • What is the size of the minimum order that I can place?

The minimum order is 50 leads (signups).

  • How long will it take for the order to be fulfilled?

If the order is currently being promoted by us, we will let you know approximately how long the order will take to fulfill when we send you the login information.

You should bear in mind, however, that this in NOT like sending guaranteed visitors to a website. Our members are presented with your client's offer after which they decide whether to sign up for it or not.

  • Can my clients order targeted signups?

You can, and sometimes must, order signups targeted by country. If an opportunity only accepts members from US and Canada, for example, you must order signups ordered for those countries. If an opportunity accepts signups from all countries, however, you may order worldwide signups or, if you choose, order signups from the countries of your choice.

  • How will I know whether you will be able to fulfill an order or not?

First, check for its inclusion on our pre-approved list HERE

If you are planning to advertise an online opportunity which has already been advertised with us, you will then be able to calculate approximately how much time the order will take to fulfill.

If you are interested in advertising a site that hasn't been advertised before it is better to place a small test order first (50-100 signups) because the signup rate could be slow and take too long to be filled.

  • What if my client receives fake signups such as "aaaa" instead of the first name and "bbbbb" instead of the surname?

If you see a fake signup, post a complaint. Our customer support will check your complaint and that particular signup will be cancelled and you will receive another one instead. Note: you only have 6 days to post your complaint since receiving a signup. Therefore please advise your clients to check their orders regularly.

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