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A professional web site will affect your conversion rate for the better. Conversion is the process of taking a visitor through to a sale. It’s the essential essence of any online ecommerce business and is second to targeted traffic. Although Targeted Traffic is necessary for doing business online, conversion is about taking that targeted visitor to a sale. That’s why you need a professional web site to help convert visitors to customers.

You need a professional looking web site because it will convert your visitors better than one that is poorly put together. Take a look around the Internet yourself, and notice what sort of web sites build your trust. Are there certain elements that you look for? What about the web sites you have personally purchased from? More than likely, the Internet businesses you purchased from looked like a real business. It looked professional and led you to the sale. They provided a secure payment gateway, and made you feel comfortable parting with your credit card details.

It’s the same with your website. The time you take to make it look great pays off in the long run. It conveys to the visitor that you are a real company, not a home office business – which you may well be. It also conveys that you are going to do a good job with your visitor. This in turn will translate to a conversion and sale.

The flash animated website templates below are made as flash files. The source code is provided, and you can modify it provided you have software that allows you to edit flash files such as Macromedia Flash.

We are not recommending you secure a professional template for the sake of us making a few dollars out of it, we are allowing you the use of these web site templates to make your web site look professional, and at a very low cost. If you can do it yourself, then by all means do it yourself. However the templates will save you time and money.

I personally use the template service and find it to be convenient, cheap and professional. I would not recommend something I have not personally used. Please browse the Flash Animated templates above.

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