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Guaranteed SignUps:

Every network marketer or affiliate administrator will inform you on how hard it is to get serious individuals to sign up for their programs. And without signups, it's not possible to get their company off the ground? Let alone make a profit.

It's called 'building a downline' and it's a vigorous, unappreciated procedure and even with the most complex endorsement methods on hand, it can still take weeks, or months, before a downline shows considerable growth.

That's where we come in:

You can start an immediate downline, made up of individuals who will join your program to decide whether its something they desire to be occupied with on a long-term basis. The golden rule is that the program or service being presented has to be FREE to join with no credit card request.

Clearly, your eventual goal is for the SignUp to translate to a paid position. This occurs as soon as the signup upgrades to paid membership or purchases the product or service concerned. But that's between the program manager (you) and the signup. You are guaranteeing a rock-hard opening because they signed up to be given additional information on the program. Of course, it's up to you to 'complete the sale'.

Keep in mind, we are not talking about visitors or clicks to your website or affiliate program. We are talking about ACTUAL people that turn into members of your online network!

Are you paying for advertising but not getting SignUps?

Then it's time you stopped paying for something you're not getting. We drive potential signups to your website and you only pay for the ones that willingly join. We don't charge for visits, we purely guarantee that you will be given the number of signups that you paid for.

How does this work?

1stMarketingTraffic Drives Our High Quality Targeted Customers To Sign Up To Your Program. These are Individuals who are Very Interested in Signing up to a Free-To-Join Program. Our High Targeted Sign Ups are people that will be more likely to Become Paid Members to your program provided it meets their needs. However we do not guarantee that any or all sign ups will upgrade in your program.

Non-targeted Sign Ups... we will not even sell them to you.... not worth your money....

IMPORTANT: We process orders manually. Do not expect your order to be activated the moment you purchase. After we activate your campaign, look for an email with login details for you to view stats. You will not be able to view any stats until we email you login details.

If using Yahoo, Gmail, NetZero, Hotmail or MSN - look in your bulk/junk folders for our email communications as we are often filtered there. Then add us to your whitelist.

What programs can I order sign ups for?

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST have a Free-to-Join program to order guaranteed signups. Free To Join Programs are becoming very popular now days.

It has to be free so new members can evaluate the site before they upgrade. If they didn't have the opportunity to do that, nobody would sign up! It's like buying a car without actually driving it first. This gives You a chance to meet your new sign ups and get to know them more personally and with your support hopefully they will upgrade to a paid member in your down line!

How long does it take to get my sign ups?

Your new members should start coming in within 2 week's time. Now once they start coming in, it is very difficult to predict HOW FAST they will come in. Working for success and acheiving success does not happen overnight. It takes time and you need to remember that. One other factor is the program's own benefits. If people like the program, they'll sign up for it.

Testimonials From Real People With Real Results

If you are interested in using our guaranteed signups for your website or a program you are promoting, then please contact us for a quote. If you have further questions, then please read our FAQ.

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