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A proficient web site will influence your conversion rate for the better. Conversion is the method of taking a visitor through to a sale. It’s the indispensable deal of any online business and is subsequent to targeted traffic. Getting targeted traffic is always the goal of an online business, but conversion is about inspiring and directing that targeted visitor to a sale. That’s why you need a professional web site.

Your industry is important to you. I have been involved in the marketing industry for a while. I have noticed a direct relationship between sales copy and sales. The better a website looked, the better the conversion rate. Still though the number one ingredient is targeted traffic.

Another industry that I have had some dealings with is the logging industry. No I haven’t personally been involved in logging. I don’t think I could even handle one of those massive chainsaws that you see those guys with. I would have to do a lot more working out at the gym, before I got involved with that.

However I have designed and hosted a logging company website. They had a professional template designed and then modified with their pictures and content. A professional photographer acquired each picture alone for $300. So we understand your concern for quality.

The time you take to make your website look professional pays off in the long run. It conveys to the visitor that you are a real business. This in turn will translate into a conversion and sale.  

Your industry is important to you, and we know that a quality affordable template is an effecient way to get your product in front of a large audience. Let us take the hard work out of designing a site, by using our selections below.

Please try our template service and browse the above industrial selections.

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