Keyword Research & Analysis Process


Clientele often inquire how we conduct our research. First-class keyword research requires ingenuity, a broad diversity of tools, and a regimented procedure. It furthermore takes a lot of data, from many sources, and a method for integrating all that information into a unified keyword plan.

Here's a concise summary of what goes into our reports:

Step 1: Client Intake

We hold all received orders for at least four hours to permit our customers to put forward extra information. The majority of our customers take advantage of this, to inform us concerning their business, their priorities, their goals, and their competition. We frequently get in touch with our customers with questions at this phase - the more information we have, the more successful we can be.

Step 2: Brainstorming

As soon as our work begins, we employ a diversity of research tools and techniques to better recognize the "keyword space" for every customer. Our tools for brainstorming comprise search engines like Altavista & Teoma (which present "connected searches" to assist in developing concepts), the forever handy dictionary/thesaurus reference set, a keyword spider to inspect competing sites, and customer-focused websites like discussion forums.

Step 3: The Target List

Our objective throughout this stage is to grow an extensive inventory of concepts, keywords and search terms as the foundation for additional research. If we've completed our job well, we will have defined the main categories of keywords for our customer. Characteristically, we finish up with a list of approximately 50-100 search terms and concepts at this stage.

Step 4: Wordtracker Research

Now it's time to dig deep, so we log onto the Wordtracker system. Wordtracker has a record of about 400 million searches, taken from the last two months' usage of the Dogpile and Metacrawler search engines. Their tools (lateral search, thesaurus, comprehensive search, and compressed search) permit us to enlarge our keyword list, frequently to quite a few hundred search terms.

Step 5: Sleep On It!

Yes, one of the most significant fundamentals of good keyword research is sleep. As soon as we believe we've found everything worth looking for, we like to sleep on it. There is a better than zero possibility that we'll discover more in the morning! Even though we from time to time do take "rush orders," it's hard to feel convinced about the result when we skip this step.


Step 6: Prepare Final Report

Lastly, after finishing our keyword search, we merge all of our data sources to produce a completed report. Wordtracker provides popularity counts for all search terms, Google competition data, and bids from Overture. Alexa's paid data services are used to gather link popularity information about competing sites. Market share estimates and click-through rates come from our own research.

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