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Music is like food to the soul. There are so many different styles to choose from. When I started out with music I played in a brass band with a slide trombone. I was about eight years old. I played until I was sixteen, but never forgot the joy it bought me. About five years later, after I had gone down to Dunedin to attend University I came across a keyboard where I was boarding. I picked up some of the beats and began copying them with my left hand, until I was proficient. I then composed a beautiful piece with the right hand. When done, I would play with both hands. This was my first composition. When I finally arrived back home, I was able to play it on the piano. Was it any good? A music teacher thought so. In fact she helped me put it onto paper. I now had a hard copy of what I had memorized in my head. I had never been taught the piano in my life, but I could play my pieces smoothly and with ability and feeling. I loved it.

I named the piece Ostenate, meaning persistent, because I had to persist to finish it. I was encouraged to take music lessons and so I began at Grade 5. I passed my theory tests and on the second attempt passed my practical. I was still composing having written my next piece Leaves of Autumn. Having only been playing the piano under a music teacher for six months, I entered a music competition playing against seniors. I entered with my own piece and was highly commended for my performance. I went on to compose a whole orchestral piece and called it Dance of The Butterflies, because as my nieces explained to me it sounded beautiful, like two butterflies dancing together. 

Wanting to further my abilities I went to a better music teacher and asked to do Grade 7. She was a bit hesitant and thought it would be too much for me at that level only having a years teaching behind me when it usually takes seven years. I was persistent and so she let me. I worked hard, sometimes practicing six hours a day until I knew the pieces by heart. I sat the exam and passed. Unfortunately I never had the funds to finish the last Grade. I have written another two pieces, mostly classical. I will finish Grade 8.

If you have talent or just want to put up a music website. Choose from above to show off your talent and abilities.

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