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Drive engaged users directly to your website or landing page with our full page interactive Active Interstitial ads. The Interstitial targeted traffic ad is presented to your targeted audience through a fresh, direct presentation. Through this non-intrusive process you can target prospective clients and get effective results. We also have Popunder, Banner and Search Listing Traffic.

With our network of 20,000 publishers, we can provide you with traffic that can be targeted to almost any category and country. Your website is automatically reviewed by one of our reviewers, so that the right websites are selected to display your URL that match your own websites audience. This equates to an above average amount of response as compared to other forms of marketing.

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You cannot make sales if you do not have customers. Without a continuous stream of visitors to your website, there is absolutely no way that it will succeed. There are tons of hopeless traffic generation systems on the internet. Ours is different!

buy targeted traffic Easy as 1-2-3
  1. Simply provide a site URL of your choice
  2. Visitors are taken directly to your URL
  3. Increase your brand awareness and raise traffic to your site.
unique targeted traffic Take a look below at how your full page URL ad will look.

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buy targeted traffic Real people targeted to your offer see your site: This form of advertising is an effective way to get your website or landing page seen by real people. In fact we show you how, and encourage you to set up Google analytics along with your own hosting weblogs to see for yourself that real visitors from the countries you specify come to your site.
unique targeted traffic Almost all the traffic is 24 hour 100% IP unique: This means that the same visitor will not visit your site more than once in 24 hours. Usually your whole campaign will be almost 100% IP unique. Your website gets better exposure over a greater audience equating to better conversions for you. You can even set 1 week or 1 month unique and more.
unique targeted traffic 20x More effective than Banner Ads: Interstitial technology is proven to be over 20 times more effective than banners. Use a splash page that gives your visitors a quick simple taste of what you offer and increase your campaign effectiveness another 10x.
unique targeted traffic Target countries, demographics and categories or use keywords: You can target any country or group of countries when you buy your targeted traffic campaign. You can also select from different categories or use keywords to further target your desired audience. For those purchasing US Traffic, you may further target by US States. Canada Traffic and UK Traffic can target by cities. Truly targeted traffic guaranteed.
unique targeted traffic Complete Campaign flexibility whether small or large: We cater to both small campaigns for the small website owner as well as larger campaigns or the more ambitious. If you have any questions, please contact us.
unique targeted traffic Affordable: Value for money. Lowest priced highest quality targeted traffic. Purchase traffic with confidence. We normally sell our traffic at much higher prices, however due to demand, if you purchase now , you will save up to 50% off the normal purchase price. Our competitors are selling their traffic at three times the price of ours. We thought you deserve quality traffic at affordable prices. So we decided to forget our competitors and offer you traffic at extremely low discount prices. Only buy quality targeted web site traffic. Run Of Network Traffic from As Low As $3CPM
unique targeted traffic Advertise CPA offers: particularly good for dating, credit cards, gaming, ringtones. Join the many other advertisers already making money with our traffic selling CPA offers.
unique targeted traffic Measure Your Results: 1stMarketingTraffic enables you to track your results by traffic source and keyword. We also give you the ability to optimize your campaigns by choosing only the best-performing traffic sources to maximize your ROI!
unique targeted traffic Multiple Targeting Options: Contextual and Behavioral Targeting, Advertiser Retargeting, Geo-Targeting (US and International traffic)
unique targeted traffic

Campaign Flexibility: Banner Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Transition Ads, Search Listing Ads

unique targeted traffic Create and Manage Your Own Ad Campaigns
unique targeted traffic Control Your Budget: Spending Caps, No Contracts!
unique targeted traffic Increase Alexa Ranking - Our CPC traffic is ideal for increasing your Alexa Ranking
unique targeted traffic Increase Search Engine Placements - Use our traffic to boost search engine positions.
unique targeted traffic Download Our Media Kit or Contact us via email skype:designerjpr or ICQ 360485254

Real time stats you can trust: We encourage and show you how to set up Google analytics on your landing pages, so you can verify where the traffic is coming from and how unique it is. We are so confident of the targeted traffic packages that we want you to test them for yourself.

Along with Google Analytics we also show you how to check your own hosting weblogs to verify the number of targeted traffic visitors to your site. (What's this?) Making our stats the most accurate and reliable you will find anywhere on the web.

buy targeted traffic

"Sales have increased about 400%"*

--Jeff Olweean, USA

"We at have always done well with our comics, etc., but with the help of Juan and, sales have increased about 400%. Their customer service and response time makes you feel very comfortable working with them.
They never leave you hanging and always have good ideas to increase your traffic and sales."

* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his product or service and the way the ability of their website to convert traffic into sales.

low price guarantee We guarantee we will not be undersold! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item, we will fully refund the purchase price on a pro rata basis.

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