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FFA sites known as Free For All sites are a great way to generate targeted website traffic. They allow you to post your link to a webpage. You might say, 'but this is no good, many others are posting their links and mine never gets seen, at the best it only remains visible for 30 minutes and then is rolled off the screen to allow other postings'. This is true. But I don’t mean that you use FFA to post your link. You host your own FFA page.

A personal FFA can generate about 1500+ leads a day of targeted website traffic. That’s 45,000 leads a month! This is called reverse marketing. When someone posts their link to your site you are entitled to send them one confirmation email. Within your email is a short sales message and a link back to your site (or affiliate program).

How do you host your own FFA site you ask? One way is to get a copy of the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script and do it yourself. Then plug it into a network. This is quite technical but it will generate targeted website traffic.

You can get a free cgi FFA script by going to Matts Script Archive


You need a little knowlegde to set the script up. However its not too hard, and instructions are supplied. Once the script is up and running, you need to plug it into an engine. This engine will pump posts into your FFA page providing you with a database of email leads.

The engine we prefer and recommend is


Scroll down to the Add your engine link and follow the instructions. Be warned, your script will receive as much as 5,000 posts a day, so you need to ensure your hosting account can handle this sort of load.

We will go in detail on how to set up this script in another article on this site. We will also go into detail on how to get a FFA site already set up and ready to go. To get one already set up, find out by visiting this page increase website traffic.


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