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The first and most imporatnt key to building a high traffic web site is to make sure you have plenty of good content. There are no shortcuts to it. Content always wins out. Good quality content gets you good quality links through word of mouth. And if you are around for the long haul, then this is the one and only way to get those top positions in the search engines.

Getting a high web traffic site takes a lot of time and effort. You need to spend a few hours every day writing content that is your own and fresh for your websites. Write for people not search engines, since at the end of the day, people are going to read your content and act on it.

If you can't write an article, research it on the internet first, perhapes by typing the subject and then using the word articles after it. For example to search on 'high traffic web sites', you would use the search term 'high traffic web sites articles' without the quotes. This returns a list of articles about the pages on the topic you want to write about on your web site. Rewrite the article so that its in your own words.

Exact words are copyrighted, however ideas are not. Provided its in your own words you are free to use the ideas. However if you do use the content word for word, please get permission. Most webmasters will allow you to use their content provided you mention their name and provide a link back to their site.

A high web traffic site will come over time through the inclusion of your content rich pages in the search engine indexes. And search engines just love content. You are not going to be booted out of the indexes for having a content rich site.

You need to optimize the page a little so that you include your keywords a few times in the article. For example if my keyword is high traffic web sites, I would include it a few times throughout the article. About once every one to two paragraphs. If you overdo it you may be penalized.

To break up a page, use your keywords in different text styles throughout the article. For example use bold, use the underline and the italics options.

Make sure your keyword is in the title tag and also in a header tag. Make use of the alt tags in your images. Include your keywords in these tags. Make use of filenames by using your keywords in the name of the image file.

Try to write 10-16 pages of fresh new content each month. This will keep your site growing, and will keep the search engine bots happy - new fodder for them to index. Plus previous visitors will come back to read your new content, provided it is well written and informative.

Include a robots.txt page. Search engines look for this on your site, so you might as well have one. If you want to know how to set up a robots.txt file then do a search on google using this term.


Lastly, get a few good incoming links into your site using your keywords in the anchor text. Try to get on a page with a good page rank and with as few as possible external links.

A high traffic web site is possible, if you are willing to do a little work and follow the guidelines above.

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