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Site directory submission service to 400+ Quality directories providing quality one-way links to your website.
Get your site indexed into Google within 2 to 4 weeks.

Why use directories?


search site submission Because directories are crawled by Google and other search engines regularly, depending on the size and age of the directory of course. Directories actually give you a one-way link back to your website either for free or a small fee. One way links are becoming more important, not only to build page rank, but also to build link popularity. You need this link reputation to ensure a good ranking within the search engines. However its important to follow a few rules in order to ensure your submissions are accepted by the various directories and that you are using the right descriptions, keywords and url's.


Let our professionals take the guess work out of directory submissions for you. We guarantee a greater acceptance rate, giving you value for money, while maximizing your search engine exposure.

You get:

directory site submission Quality Manual Submission. Each website is submitted by our professionals Manually, which guarantees the quality of the submission.
directory site submission Keyword Research. You get a mini keyword research report with your confirmation email, suggesting some of the best keywords to target for your website. You may use these keywords in your directory submission or any other search engine ranking work you may do. Worth $99 for free.
directory site submission Upto 5 Profiles. Each profile can include a different Title, URL, Contact EMail, etc.. Your profiles will be Randomly Rotated during the submission to ensure better indexing into the search engines.
directory site submission A variety of submission packages. Now, we have around 400+ directories in our list. Each directory in the list is Free and No-Reciprocal Link needed. You can view the list of these link directories Here.
***Note that, Currently, we have 400+ link directories in the list, we keep adding new directories and removing directories that are not free or need reciprocal links. The actual list could include more or less than 400+ link directories.
directory site submission Very Detailed Submission Report. You get a report that includes the link directory name, category we submitted to, the details of the profile we used for submitting to the directory and more.
directory site submission Submission Screen Capture. For each submission, we will capture the screen with the details and information used for that submission. When the whole submission process is finished, these captured images, with the detailed reports, can be downloaded from our website! This way you know we are not cheating on the submissions, but providing you with a quality service!
directory site submission Affordable Rate. For submission to 400+ directories, we only charge $99. It's less than $0.25/directory! We also get your site indexed into Google, usually within 2 to 4 weeks. If you have special requirements, please contact us directly.
directory site submission Directory List Updated Regularly. We usually update our directory list once or twice every month. The new directories are collected from popular SEO friendly lists. We provide submission service for these newly added directories, which is a great method of building links for websites. Please contact us by email and tell us when the previous submission was done, then we can find out how many directories were added after your last submission. The charge will be based on the number of newly-added directories.


Here is the list of link directories we have. All of our directories are free and do not need a reciprocal link. We will be adding more to the list soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Where can you find another quality submission service like this? Click here, and Place the order NOW!

What can you expect for your websites when submitting to link directories?

Unique Back Links. Each link directory may give your website a unique back link.
Higher Ranking in organic search results for the different search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Branding Awareness. The more exposures the website has, the more people will remember and use it.
More Direct Traffic. Although not as effective as it once used to be, it is still a good source for traffic.
More Google page rank. Most directories will pass some page rank back to your website.

Will Google red flag my website if it is submitted to hundreds of directories in a short period of time?

It is unnecessary to be concerned whether google will red flag your website. Some "gurus" will state this kind of theory, that you will get red flagged, but I and all of my clients have never experienced this. Also, consider these two facts.

  1. Each link directory will have their own schedule for accepting 'free submissions'. Your link will NOT be accepted immediately after the submission. Almost all emails sent from link directories are confirmation emails and NOT acceptance emails. You will get more emails in the following weeks, letting you know if they have accepted or rejected your site. When will they accept it? it really depends on a lot of factors. Some are days, some weeks, some even months. It takes time for these link directories to accept your site.
  2. After your site is accepted, search engines will not find your link immediately. Depending on the sites, it takes time for SE to index your link on different link directories. Days, weeks, or even months, all are possible.

Based on these 2 facts, the time for Search Engine to index the site is spread out, not in a 'short' time although the submission is done in one or two days. So search engines will not red flag your site.

Suggestions to increase the Acceptance Rate

  1. Website. The website must contain valuable information. If the website is just a sales letter, nearly all free link directories will not accept it.
  2. Site Description. The site description ought to be the introduction to the website. It ought to contain sufficient information. The frequent slip-up is using a collection of keywords. The length ought to be larger than 100 letters and fewer than 200 letters.
  3. Adsense Ads. On every web page, it should not contain more than 2 two sets of adsense Ads. Otherwise, the site might be considered as Made-For-Adsense sites. The extra adsense Ads should be removed for 1 or 2 weeks, or still longer for the submission.

For each order, we need below information:

Upto 5 Profiles. Note that, different profiles can be used for different URL's. However, all the URL's should be in similar categories. Each profile should include:

  • Site Title (4-5 words)
  • Site URL
  • Site Description (100-200 letters, about 150 letters is the best)
  • Keywords (about 4 to 5 words) If you want to target the right keywords for your website click here.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Email (better to use yahoo or gmail)
  • User Name and Password (on certain directories, you may need this to login to edit the link).
  • Preferred Categories (depends on the link directory site, the actual categories we submitted to will be different)

    For your convenience and record, you can simply fill the information in this Spread Sheet File.

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Once you have placed the order using above button, then please send the receipt and profile information to "support at 1stMarketingTraffic dot com". We will send a "review" email to the buyer, which ou need to confirm, then we will start the work. When the work is done, we will send the report and screen shots download information to you by email. Please add our email to the White-List, so that you will not miss any emails from us.

Please Note that:

  • We will process orders on the base of First Come First Serve.
  • Since we manually submit the links, it takes time for us to get the work done.
  • Our work is for submitting the links. Whether or not your website will be accepted by the link directory, totally depends on the link directory site editors' decision. And usually, it takes time for them to make the decision.
  • After you placed the order, before we start the work, you can ask for a refund. However once we have begun the work, we will not provide any refund.
  • If your website is already in some link directories in the package, or the link directory is changed to be not-free and a reciprocal link is needed, we will submit to upto 10 extra link directories to compensate for that.
  • We may change the site information a little bit according to the directories submission guide if required. If you want to keep anything (i.e. keywords) absolutely unchanged, please let us know before the submission starts.

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