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You cannot make sales without customers! You need a constant reliable stream of visitors to your website. Visitors to a webpage are like blood to a living body. If the blood supply dries up, the body dies. Likewise your website without a supply of traffic, will not succeed.

Quality, superior traffic at affordable prices. This traffic is the same traffic used by the big guys. Because we know you cannot afford to buy the same amount of traffic as the big guys, we have made our packages smaller and more affordable for you. Don't miss this opportunity.

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Expired Domain Traffic is a GUARANTEED TRAFFIC MAGNET.

We all know that Domains are the address of a website on the World Wide Web. When someone forgets to renew, or just decides not to renew, their domain name, it becomes available for anyone to purchase after 30 - 90 days. Many of these domain names have some traffic coming to them as the owner may have done link swaps and other forms of marketing. We will buy the expired domain and register this domain if we feel that it generates enough traffic.

Once we possess the name, we direct it to our server and send out the expired domain traffic to the campaigns we serve.

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Whereas pop-under or pop-up traffic campaigns are more liable to irritate prospective visitors, and are frequently closed right away, expired domain traffic mostly comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and other independent websites. Expired Domain Traffic is the Most Excellent traffic to generate, and that is what we supply - the best. We highly advise giving EXPIRED DOMAIN TRAFFIC a try now. If you buy expired domain traffic it will work great for click flipping as well.

expired domain traffic Expired Domain Traffic is much more responsive than Pop-under or Pop-up Traffic
targeted traffic At 1stMarketingTraffic we offer Highly targeted traffic to maximize your results.
professional service for expired domain traffic We provide you with a professional service and have a number of REPEAT customers due to the professional service and great traffic they receive.
Quality at affordable prices Quality, superior traffic at affordable prices - we have made our packages smaller and more affordable for you.
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180 categories You choose from over 180 categories. This guarantees that when you purchase traffic you get traffic that is targeted as much as possible. For a list of available categories click here
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Targeted traffic is delivered to your site by redirecting visitors from expired domain names to your website. Our visitors cannot be blocked by popup blockers and match your site category, making them one of the most effective means of targeted advertising.

When you buy expired domain traffic from us, we make sure to deliver targeted visitors to your site with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

When I purchase traffic, how does it all work?

  1. Every day we purchase abandoned domain names that have traffic on them.
  2. We then sort these domains into 180 categories based on their traffic.
  3. We analyze our clients websites and redirect the most relevant domains to them.
  4. If you want more information on how we get our expired domains check our FAQ.

"During the last years, we have redirected millions of targeted visitors from our expired domains to our customers' websites. We experienced a very high satisfaction rate among users, and I'm really proud of this. For this reason, I decided to share with you some of the testimonials I've received from satisfied clients. "

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Expired Domain Traffic is still very new and only a small number of people know about it. About 99% of all companies selling guaranteed visitors or targeted traffic generate traffic by pop-up or pop-unders. So if you had poor results with pop-up or pop-under traffic, we highly recommend giving EXPIRED DOMAIN GUARANTEED VISITORS a try now! I am sure you will love it! ORDER NOW

Please note our expired domain traffic is now replaced by our more popular popunder cpc and transitional ad traffic. Meaning more quality and better conversion rates for you. We have a free campaign setup whereby a qualified Marketing Manager will set up your campaign free of charge. Once setup minimum deposit is $50.00 and cpm rates are from as low as $3cpm.

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