How To Increase On Line Traffic


In this section we explain how to Increase your On Line Traffic. Rather than just look at the mechanics behind driving traffic to your site, we are going to look at some of the methods on how to get previous visitors to return and stay on your site for longer.

The most obvious way is to provide a reason for them to return. If you provide good quality content that is continually updated, then you have a good reason for the visitor to return. Content is still king on the internet.

increase on line traffic Another simple tactic to Increase On Line Traffic is to ask the visitor to bookmark your page. This may seem a small thing, but with Google looking at a number of factors in their search algorithim, maybe even the number of bookmarks a site receives, it makes sense to ask for a bookmark. And no one is going to turn down the offer, if you provide good quality content.

Over 30.2% of the visitors to this site bookmark it! Thanks. And it isn't that hard. Just ask for the bookmark. You should be doing it too.

Please be prepared to learn some fascinating and rewarding tips and techniques on how to increase on line traffic.

To increase on line traffic to your web site you need to ensure that all of your website pages are indexed in the search engines. The major search engine being Google.

How do you get all of your website pages indexed to increase on line traffic?

Good question, but its not as hard as you think. The fastest way to get a site indexed is to get a link from a high PR (Page Rank) page that is already indexed. Getting a link from a PR6 or PR7 page that is crawled daily will see your site in Googles index within days.

To get the all of your pages indexed, you now need to deep link. Deep linking is the process of getting external links to point to interior pages of your site. For example if you have a site named www.1stmarketing and you have a page called, then getting a link from another site to point to is deep linking. Do this for as many pages as you can. This will not only increase your page rank, but it will also ensure that all pages get indexed. increase online traffic

You may come across a problem though, once all pages are indexed. That problem is Googles’s supplementary index. The supplementary index will prevent your site from ranking. To ensure your site does not get into the supplementary index, you need to ensure that all of the content on your site is not duplicate, but rather original. This will entail rewriting your site.

If you cannot get a PR6 or PR7 link to your site because of cost, then we can help you. Another way to get your site into Google’s index and raise the PR of your existing site is to get one way links from directories. We can manually submit your site to over 400 directories for as little as $75US.

If you are interested please contact us and let us know.

A really good web site design can go a long way in keeping the visitor onsite. To Increase On Line Traffic, make sure your website looks professional. A number of website templates you can choose from to ensure your website does look professional are listed below. They can be modified and have been developed by some of the best website designers on the web. Whats even better is they are really affordable. I have used them myself, and found the designs to be very easy to modify. Its best if you have photoshop (even just photoshop elements is ok) and dreamweaver. 

Remember, they are templates, so its in your best interests to modify them to Increase OnLine Traffic. This ensures your website does look different and unique. Now you have no excuse not to have a professionally designed website.

Professional Website Templates By Category.

Business Templates
Business Website Templates
Cheap Web Templates
Book Website Templates
Restaurant Website Templates
Car Web Template
Templates Clean Style
Computer Templates
CSS Website Template
Dating Templates
Electronics Website Template
Exterior Design Website Templates
Fashion Template
Flash Web Design
Flash Intro Templates
Flash Cool Website Templates
Flower Templates
Food and Drink Website Templates
Full Package Website Templates
Game Website Templates
Gift Basket Website Template

Website Hosting Templates
Industrial Website Design
Internet Website Templates
Law Website Templates
Media Website Templates
Medical Website Template
Music Web Site Template
Nuetral Website Templates
Resume Templates
Personal Web Page Templates
Real Estate Website Template
Premium Science Website Templates Security Web Templates
Sport Website Templates
Web Site_Design Templates


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